Why Glasses Have Their Shape:

Why Glasses Have Their Shape:

WHITE WINE GLASS has a narrower bowl which keeps the wine cooler. Also it needs less air for a lighter aroma.

OVERSIZED WHITE WINE has a larger bowl, but a little wider and shorter than that of an oversized red wine. It enhances aromatics like Chardonnay and Oak-aged White Wines.

RED WINE GLASS has a wider bowl because it allows the flavors to spread. The wider bowl allows more air to get to the wine which releases the bold aroma and flavors.

LARGE RED WINE BALLOON has a sizable bowl with a wider mouth and more expose to air, allowing the wine to breath better. The glass is perfect for Burgundy, Pinot Noir, and Bordeaux.

FLUTE GLASS has a tall and narrow shape which prolongs the chill and bubbles. The bowl is designed to help retain the carbonation in the beverage by reducing the surface area at the opening of the bowl.

HALO FLUTE GLASS is different than a regular Flute glass. The main difference is that the stem is open to the bottom, making the bubbles hit the bottom and rejuvenating the carbonation for longer period than in regular flutes.

MARTINI GLASS has a distinctive shape which is visually appealing as well as functional. The wide open brim produces surface tension that brings out the bouquet of the spirit and makes the garnish stand out. The cone shape prevents the different ingredients from separating and retaining the temperature of the mixture.

MARGARITA GLASS has a large bowl with a broad rim for holding salt. The glass is normal used for: margaritas, fruit drinks and blended daiquiris.

DESERT WINE GLASS has smaller cup with a more rounded bowl. The small size and a special angled rim help to direct the wine to the back of your mouth. The glass is ideal for sweet beverage.

BRANDY SNIFTER GLASS concentrates the aroma to the top of the glass as your hands warm the contents. The glass serve Brandy and Cognac.

SHOT GLASS is a small glass designed to hold or measure spirits or liquor, which makes people drink straight from the glass ("a shot").

CORDIAL GLASS is small and designed for more modest portions, used for after dinner drinks and liqueurs.

HIGH BALL GLASS has straight sides which make the glass both elegant and versatile. The glass is used for a variety of cocktails served on the rocks as well as mixer combined liquor drinks like gin and tonic, but also for juice or plain water.